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Peter Akeroyd

Licensee Salesperson


If there’s one word that most accurately describes Peter Akeroyd it’s ‘tenacious’.

Starting out in the motor industry at the tender age of 17. Peter diligently worked his way through the ranks, eventually owning a dealership and serving a two-year stint as the National President of the New Zealand Motor Vehicle Dealers Institute inc.

Throughout that time he was also nurturing his passion for real estate, accumulating a significant portfolio of both residential and commercial properties, and learning a lot along the way!

After formalising his interest in property by becoming a licensed real estate agent, Peter quickly set about evolving his skills, systematically learning the ropes just as he’d done all those years ago in the motor trade.

Although the industries may seem vastly different, the skills he’d accumulated then served him well. As Peter says, “it really comes down to being able to find the perfect solution for each individual you deal with.”

“With a car that could be anything from a small, cost-effective ‘run-about’ to a large, family-sized wagon, while in property it might be a home with potential for a young couple, a more manageable space for an older buyer, or a solid rental for a seasoned investor. Sure, the investment might be a lot bigger, but fundamentally it’s still about understanding your clients’ goals, and then exploring every avenue in a bid to achieve them.”

Finding the right fit for each individual often boils down to communication, and Peter prides himself on being honest, forthright and a great listener. He’s dedicated and driven, generous with his time, and incredibly easy to get along with.

If you’d like to work alongside a real estate professional with a peerless work ethic and a proven track record then call Peter today on 029 525  0800 or email him at peter.akeroyd@raywhite.com

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