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Dheeraj Arora

Licensee Salesperson


Working hard and working smart is what defines Dheeraj Arora as a person. Every decision he makes is backed by a conscious effort to achieve his goals and those of his clients with the utmost integrity, honesty and humility. He's a focused professional who thrives in a people oriented work environment due to his gregarious nature and self imposed commitment to helping others. Specialising in Sandringham and the surrounding suburbs,Dheeraj finds the easygoing culture of the area a privilege to work in, finding the people who live there relaxed, open and genuine, much like himself. His desire to be a part of the Sandringham team was a result of values held by the company aligning with his own and the core concept of six star customer service. Without doubt, his success is a combination of his one eyed determination, loyalty to clients and joyful outlook. To ensure a stress free campaign with stellar results, call Dheeraj today.

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