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Bryce Taylor

Licensee Salesperson


Selling is about creating a positive feeling and connection with the customer/s.  In every aspect of an interaction, the salesperson should provide the customer with an experience that leaves them wanting more.  

This is never more true in the real estate market, you want your salesperson to be knowledgable and experienced but more importantly paint a picture to a potential customer on what it could be like if this was their property.  As the customer flows through the property, you want them to imagine putting their touch on the space, having family and friends over or even just sitting in comfort in a quiet corner soaking up the surroundings.

Most people can remember facts and interesting points about a property, however it is your salesman’s job to take this information and paint a picture to create a dream home for the potential buyers.  Every dream home is different, yet there is potential to create this dream for every customer.  Dreams are created through connecting and learning about the customer, then personalising the story to fit them.

The more dreams a salesperson can create, the more demand there will ultimately be for the property, in turn creating the business term we all love ‘Supply vs Demand’.  When multiple customers are willing to pay top dollar for their chance to own their dream home, the seller always leaves with a smile on their face.

People pay for the dream, its your salesperson's job to create the dream. 

This is what I do, I create dreams.


  • 2020/2021 - Executive
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