Brendan Vucich

Licensee Salesperson

I have a single goal:
Give property owners a better result and experience than they could wish for.

I’ve managed significant projects and budgets, worked with successful brands and built strong relationships in the creative, music and hospitality industries, for over 20 years.

I’ve had plenty of wins, taken some knocks and learnt valuable lessons along the way.

There’s a common thread to what I do and it’s the thing that energises me the most.
To use who I am, who I know and what I’m great at, to help people succeed.
From giving away ideas, to helping friends move, to selling a house… and that’s what I do.

We all have different motivations, desires and circumstances. Understanding and delivering what is most important to you, is the most important thing to me.

Houses are bricks and mortar. We buy houses and turn them into homes. Our biggest asset.

We do it all in our homes; the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Through this we make emotional attachments to the spaces in which we share our lives, with the people that we love.

A home is so much more than a roof over our heads and they can be hard to let go of. To do it, you need to feel confidence and trust.

With a clear strategy, astute advice, market knowledge and the right agent, selling your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

This is what I do and it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Helping property owners succeed is what really lights my fire.

If you’re a property owner and my approach resonates with you, we could be a good fit.