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Licensee Salesperson

If you had the choice of First Class or Economy, and they were both the same price, which would you choose?

The 20 years of real estate experience that is behind Rawinia Matthews proves that she knows property and that she delivers. She is friendly, compassionate and is very tuned in to the needs of clients.

Rawinia retains her passion and drive that keeps her at the top of this industry. Rawinia brings a winning blend of great negotiating skills, proven results and a very positive and fresh approach to every property she markets. With a reputation for consistently achieving great results due to her high energy, focused approach and the depth of her experience, Rawinia's unique and finely tuned process ensures that she achieves the results her clients want whilst exceeding their expectations in regard to service.

Positioning herself at Ray White was a strategic decision for Rawinia. The plan had been incubating as Rawinia and her daughter, Te Rere Cleveland, had wanted to partner within real estate for some time.  In 2013, Te Rere was successful in being selected for a cadetship with Ray White.  After watching Te Rere's development, hearing about the systems, technology and support Ray White were providing, within six months of Te Rere's placement, the next most obvious move for Rawinia was to join her daughter. It's about all about family, and in October 2016 we welcomed Stevie Northover to our family business.

Whilst Rawinia has always worked really hard for her clients; with her smart, enthusiastic and very professional family by her side, together they are serving up First Class service, like no other.

The good news, is that it costs no more to journey First Class with Rawinia Matthews.

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